Sunday, February 14, 2010


In honour of Valentine's Day and feeling the love, what are some of the things in the world you just can't stand, your pet peeves?

Here's my list:


1) Going to the gym on your way to work, having a shower, only to realize you've forgotten your undies.
2) Going to the gym after work and finding that you've only packed one of your shoes.
3) Socks that slide back under your heels when you run.
4) Planning on having a long workout and finding that you've either left your IPOD at home (there's a theme here) or that your battery is dead (damn you IPOD!)
5) People who leave hair balls in the change rooms or the shower. Enough said.
6) People that don't wipe their equipment down after using...eewwwww.
7) Personal space hoggers in the Group Fitness Room - just give me space to breathe or better still not cop a side kick where it hurts in Combat...
8) Wearing short shorts and forgetting that it's deadlift day.
9) Ads for fat burners in fitness magazines, especially the ones with the "eight page special reports" - especially when they're sandwiched between articles about the dangers of caffeine and maintaining your delicate hormonal balance.


1) Service Attendants who roll their eyes if you ask for "dressing on the side".
2) Waitresses that come up to you and ask you how things are going, just as you're about to accept a marriage proposal.
3) When you go out to dinner in a group and everyone's dishes arrive bar one person. Your dish goes cold whilst the poor person with the missing dish goes hungry.
4) People at buffets that eat directly off them, rather than putting the food onto their plate.
5) Menus and recipe terms that are so complex that they require an interpreter.


1) People that drive at 60 km/hr on the freeway
2) 4WD drivers who drive their vehicles like Sherman Tanks - crush and destroy!
3) Dress Codes - what exactly is "smart casual" wear?
4) People that talk in movies - hey I didn't spend $16 bucks to hear about Uncle Tom, 'K?
5) Desperately needing fuel for the car, only to drive into the servo and be told all the pumps are out of order - and that's the only servo around for the next 50km.


1) Cleaning the oven.
2) Cleaning the bathroom
3) Cleaning in general - enough said.
4) People that don't flush - I don't care about "yellow being mellow", just flush dammit (see #2, cleaning the bathroom) And if you leave poo, well I don't like you.
5) Service people who tell you they'll be at your place between 8am and 4pm. Gee, that's helpful!
6) Bert Newton - what's going on with that poor man's eye brows?
7) Ad breaks on TV - have just done a project with Miss S and we counted in a half hour program something in the vicinity of 28 advertisements..
8) Informercials for ab training gizmos, thigh trimmers and the like.

and finally, people who don't appreciate Dr Seuss.

That's about it for today.. Happy Valentine's Day and feel the lurrve!


Kitty said...

i hate vagina-crack and bum-crack sweat patterns on the seats of machines when i get up.

that is awkward. particularly when they are so DETAILED.


love kitty xx

p.s. sorry about the hairballs...


KatieP said...

Oh my god Liz, I am loving the new you -- that fire in your belly and your honest truth is brilliantly refreshing and completely lovable.

Keep speaking your truth, both good and bad, it is fantastic to share your hidden mysteries. ♥

KatieP said...

Oh and your next act of living on the edge should be to disable comment moderation -- you don't care what people say (and you can still always delete them) -- go with the flow and watch the sparks fly!

LizN said...! I was going to write about men who wear running shorts with no undies - I'm still conflicted as whether to keep this blog G rated or not :)
PS did you get my email?

Katie - thank you...appreciate this more than you know :)


Anonymous said...

I'm with Katie. I am loving this voice from the depths of your gut. Gritty, real and feminine. You remind me of Athina. And a bit of Nike thrown in. Just don't fly too close to the sun - it is only a ball of gas after all; gas stinks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are heaps but I will have to get back to you. These are two that come to mind straight away:

1.People who exaggerate to the point of lieing(forgive me if both of those words are spelt incorrectly)! I have quite a few of these people in my life and I can't handle them!

2. People who have profile pictures that look NOTHING like the way they currently look! I have so many internet and Facebook friends who use photos of themselves when they were 10 kilos lighter OR on their wedding day (and they starved for months prior to that event). It's just a personal thing but I HATE it!

3. Double dippers! I don't invite them back festy little bastards!

4. Hairdressers with bad hair. Beauty therapists with bad make-up.

5. Personal space invaders. Back off baby!

6. Overwight or out of shape people giving me advice about health or fitness. What the? This happens to me all of the time at work.

I will think of some more xxx

Erica Green said...

Ppl not using a towel on benches and machines in the gym. That is disgusting. I went to use a bench after a bloke the other day and there was a PUDDLE where he had been lying. Bleuughgghhh!

Overly-sensitive people and political correctness... what a load of shite.

Oh, and real estate agents. :-) xox