Thursday, February 11, 2010

Episode 2 - The Hater Strikes Back!

Before I start on my packing, I decided to check my Reader before I got stuck into things (yeah, I procrastinate). Imagine my delight to see another post from my "hater" mate in my comments this morning. Again, whoever my new best mate is, I thought I'd copy and paste because there's a little more stuff in there that should be addressed and worthwhile reading if you're aspiring to the Figure stage.

Hi Liz ! Liberator again here!
Wow that reply to sparte was some major back peddling wasn't it!
I was over at the lowest common denominators site today & i see a least she's got some titles for all that showboat training, what do you have? Big fat ZERO! you must be so proud! How do you know about her training videos anyway? Maybe it's like the other ladies Facebook you just can"t help you self can you??
Maybe I should call the LCM the Guru next time as she has something to show for it! All you have is a big fat jealous chip on you shoulder that you can't shake off!!!! ps i see your moving, Overseas i hope :)

Hi Anonymous,

I'm really concerned about you. You're over at your LCD's site and you notice she's won some Figure Titles, awesome stuff. However by calling me a big fat ZERO because I haven't won any titles is disturbing, especially for any person that wants to give competing in Figure a go, because most would be competitors want to improve their self confidence , see how far they can push themselves and set themselves a goal. If you and anyone who is reading who is not familiar with the judging of Figure Comps, the judging criteria involve that of symmetry (balance in the body, between muscle groups, upper and lower body conditioning etc) and muscularity (also bringing low body fat into consideration here). There is a lot of debate that rages about what makes an excellent Figure Competitor - how much muscularity there should be etc etc and the requirements seem to vary between all the federations. The person you compare me with has outstanding symmetry which has a strongly genetic component to it. In fairness to her, I will also say that of course she has put a lot of hard work into it as well. This is her career. My career is as an exercise physiologist and a pharmacist. I don't have to have fantastic symmetry to dispense your next lot of medication or teach you about cycling efficiency - for that I need to be suitably qualified - and that is what I have in abundance.

To call me a big FAT zero for not being able to add that string to my bow tells me that your expectations are unreasonably high. I have gleaned from your comments that perhaps you have yet to compete and don't realize the level ofwork that you put into preparing for a show to be at your personal best. I have no qualms in saying I came dead last in my last comp outing, but felt that for me, I presented my best physique ever. You don't know what is going to happen until the day. If I based my self worth on what some bloke thought of my body on the day, it would be an extremely sad outcome. I really hope that you base your self worth on something other than looks or what somebody else thinks of you.

My blog is my story and my journey. If you're basing someone's fitness expertise on their looks, then go for it. It's a common mistake and easy to make.

In the end, Anonymous, I still think you need to get real. You may think I'm back pedalling (this is how you spell the word BTW), but many people find manaical self stroking of the ego (read THE BEHAVIOUR, not the PERSON) irritating...and after awhile, yes this does lead you to become very fatigued with it and hence start to begin to have a lower opinion of that person.

The same goes for me posting about Juice Plus and Helen Frost's website. This is nothing to do with personality or jealousy or what ever you wish to call it . It's an issue of credibility for me - no formal qualifications in the field and the heavy push towards pyramid marketing. It's a shame because there's a lot of good stuff written there - which I thought was great - she got on the right train but off at the wrong station. As for Juice Plus - I'd be wary of taking it if you're on any prescription medication, especially if you have high blood pressure or take anticoagulants. I did check out the site but the ingredients aren't listed and the 'studies' that have been done have been funded by the manufacturer which may implicate bias. I'd also be wary of it if has extremely high doses of Vitamin C which can interact with several medications as well.

I'm sure, Anonymous, you've read some of Craig Harper's work. Sometimes I don't agree with the way Craig says things, but he's a qualified exercise physiologist and life coach and for that he earns my respect.

I know you wish that I was moving overseas, I am sorry to have disappointed you.

Liz N

PS - gotta go now, boxes to pack, cheerio!
PPS -" your" should actually be written "you're" as in "you are moving" - my next career is as a grammar Nazi...


ss2306 said...

I think "anonymous" should have the balls to come forth and show her face!!

I'll take the move overseas for you my sweet. Happy packing.

Em said...

Lurker here of course - since when does a blog have to be about anything other than what you want it to be?
And what does Liberator mean in this context exactly? shit stirrer?
Anywho - i think some people have way too much time on their hands. I'd rather spend my energy on something else.

Good luck with the move!

Kylie said...

Hi Liz, just a quick stop to say that I am enjoying your blogpost and what's been happening. I am so glad you came clean about the "person" you referred to previously - what they have done etc. I worked out who it is - well didn't take much to work it out to be honest. And why annonymous puts them on a pedestal is beyond one should be put on a pedestal cause we are all individual with individual talents, no one is more special than the other person. It's just society that makes them that way and for what reason, cause a judge thinks they have a good body or what is needed on stage on that day. Anyone who has competed will know that we all deserve trophies for standing on stage presenting the best physiques for us as individuals (actually they hand out mediallions don't they). The sheer hardwork, dedication and determination we have to put ourselves though to get on stage with the best body deserves more than a plastic trophy!!! It's why I haven't competed again, if the judge doesn't like what he sees, you don't get a look in. I too got last in my first comp and had the best ever physique I'd ever had in my life. I did compete the following weekend and came 3rd in a different federation so go figure 5th in the week before and 3rd the week after (with more competitiors)...just goes to show!

And a huge thank you for the info on the juice plus stuff. I was just about to be suckered into it as well, as I don't have a history or background/knowledge in all that stuff, I'm glad we have someone like yourself who knows pharmaceuticals and the like to be able to give us the raw truth, so we can make informed decisions. It certainly changed my mind, especially knowing it is part of a pyarmid selling scheme. Why should they get richer on my behalf. I think my nutrition is pretty good without it.

Thanks again.

Happy moving.



Kerry W said...

who needs TV soapies...this (real life) is more interesting! :P

Friday said...

You do know who it is, right?

Ugly stuff.


LizN said...

Shelley, ca va (where are those little French symbols when you need em' et toit - see I'm trying :) )

Em, thanks so much!

Kylie, thanks for such a thoughtful post - you know exactly what I mean having competed yourself on more than one occasion and you know that you're a winner no matter where you place in the line up - you got up there in the first place!

I think the nutrition world, like the religious world can generate lots of controversy - but any decision based on non biased studies and extensive research is usually a more informed one. It's also good to keep up to date with newer stuff, eg the longitudinal study done on HRT changed the way these drugs are prescribed.

Kerry, know what you mean, sister!

Friday, I wish I knew who it was. I'd have them around for a kick butt training session and I would film it and autograph the CD for good measure!

Michelle said...

Wow, your hater has some issues! I agree with Shelley ... she/he needs to 'man up' and put a name to the comments.

LizN said...

Hi Michelle,
I have a suspicion of who it is and more than anything, I just feel plain sorry for them.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
I don't usually comment on your blog, but just wanted to send you all my support! You have every right to say what's on your mind, even if people don't like it.
I think your one gutsy lady laying all out there. Good for you!!
And as for the LiberHATER, what a nasty piece of work! She needs to grow up & start working on her grammer!!!

LizN said...

Thank you so much Miss Nice Anonymous (it's really nice to meet the good ones ).

Liz N :)

Tara said...

Hey liz, your "hater" just blocked me on facebook and accused me of being a backstabbing bitch because my status said "tara believes in karma and prozac for those who need it" now was it even aimed at her? she is so self obsessed that she believes it was. Get over yourself love!

She is such a negative nasty piece of work that it is no loss at all. Karma always win the day.

LizN said...

Totally agree. Can't please everyone!

Lauren said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks for the comment on my blog today. It is not just your blog that I was referring to, I have a few other friends, who blog, who have not been happy lately with their skins, or measurements, or their mojo has just got up and left the building. So, I just felt there was a bit of a downward plunge at the moment.

Hope the packing is going ok. It is so exciting to be moving into a new house. Enjoy!

Kek said...

Gah! I miss all the dramas...

Will chat to you about all this, there's WAY too much to say in a comment or even an email.

I do have to wonder if your anonymous commenter actually believes that those with figure titles are somehow better than those without? Because in a lineup of say 12 girls, there's only one winner. So what does that make the other 11?


LizN said...

Hey Lauren, thanks! Keep training like there's no tomorrow and be well :)

So nice to see you back my friend. I do know now who Miss Anon is and as far as I am aware, she has not competed.


Anonymous said...

You should think about a career in politics or diplomacy, Liz. You have a way with words and are able to string together a coherent argument. Bravo for taking a stand and engaging in a dialogue. Monologues remind me of Nuremberg for some reason. ;-)

Kitty said...

"your" rather than "you're"...?

liz, you're wasting your time giving this cunt all this attention.


LizN said...

Thanks Kitty, love ya guts!

LizN said...

Thanks Kate - coming from someone with your background, I am honoured by your compliment (((Kate))) thank you :)