Monday, February 08, 2010

Got my first hater!

Today's blog reminds me of the unknown wait that occurs when you begin to date someone that you really fancy - when that beautiful first kiss is going to happen. Today, after long years of waiting (I'm now blogging into my fifth year), I got my first "hater" comment today.

Because it's so complimentary, I've decided I'm going to share it with you and my thoughts on the subject. And, to think that I was resigned to "being boring" today now that my PMS has left the building....

Here is a copy of my wall plaque worthy first ever Hater Comment:

Liz you obviously are not far behind this person if you have taken the time to sit down & write this rubbish, who do you think you are to judge people on what they put on face book, aren't you supposed to be some guru trainer that supports people, the only thing you have is this blog, which gets more & more looking like it's author needs more help herself, how about you get off your butt & get outside & live your lean life instead of sitting front of your computer screen & watching face book to see if someone posts something you don't like :)

Here's my reply:

"Hi Anonymous,
Welcome to my blog (finally!) and thank you for your compliments. I never knew that in the whole time that I've been blogging and coaching others that I am regarded as a "guru trainer". I've always considered myself someone who has used their extensive University background to help make fitness and health accessible to anyone who wants to better their health and better themselves.

You're absolutely correct in saying that a nice coach will support people - a good coach will provide a dose of tough love. The clients that grow and achieve are the ones that take what they didn't want to hear, consider the information and go from there and do more than they ever imagined! There is tough love in my post and in real life I know this person I called out to be top notch. If anyone ever sees me Facebook between teaching tracks in RPM, I'd like you, especially to blog about it. I may be taking an unpopular line, but if you want to improve, you need to get off the phone and back on task. The status updates I mentioned all occurred within a thirty minute period - that's annoying in most people's eyes. Then to film it all (which I refrained from mentioning) is a little over the top, don't you think?

Anonymous, thank you so much for picking up that life has been a struggle over the past few months. Now that you know that I'm not a guru, and just an normal human being like everyone else, you'll understand that I have my ups and downs and ins and outs. And that the last year has been a bit of a downer for me.

Now Anonymous, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you just may be part of my former subject's BFF brigade and probably have no idea about why I'm not a fan of her said BFF or why I'm tiring of self promoting Facebook posts, videos and the like. I was also friends with the BFF once. I supported the BFF as her star rose and she became the Editor for a well known fitness publication. I was really pleased for her, however these warm and fuzzy feelings quickly evaporated when I saw the first edition under her direction. Imagine my horror when I saw one of my "sorting fact from fiction" posts on her forum (written, like you said, to help and encourage others), plagiarized and presented as "Letters to the Editor - Ask the Expert". To say that I was gutted and felt betrayed by my supposed friend was the understatement of the century. Then there was the promise of including my photos in an article that I had written for the mag's sister publication. The photos that were being included are in this link.

Not only was the article published in the Sister Publication in my ex-friend's name, I was told by the publisher of the magazine that I "really wasn't looking my best that day". Gotta admit that it hurts a bit, when you think you look pretty darn good.

I did seek legal advice and got the right resolution out of this and a piss weak apology from the Publisher in his last Editorial about how I had "worked alongside" Ex Friend (the more accurate description being wrote and submitted pics for the entire article).

Yes, Anonymous, I have to admit the whole shebang has left a rather sour taste in my mouth and had me feeling down and out for awhile. I have had the internal debate raging within me for months about whether I should post my story and bits and pieces have slipped out over the months rather like an octopus falling out of a string bag.

To sum up Anonymous, I want to thank you for setting me free. I know it was your intention to give me a serve and put me back into my box, but that isn't ever going to happen. I've set the truth free now and I've released the monkey off my back and I can now go forward and keep doing what I do well - post user friendly and real fitness and health info for real people. And creep in some of my RPM exploits in there as well.

Thanks a million mate, you've made my day!
Liz N


It should be noted that any post you make on a forum remains yours under Copyright Protection and protection of your moral rights, no matter what the forum disclaimer says. And it's always good form to seek permission from the author if you wish to republish material. My unfortunate situation could have been avoided with the offending party simply asking permission to publish the works with credit going to the author. You know the story, credit where credit is due and nothing else....

PPS - beauty fades, dumb is forever...


Erica Green said...

I wish there was an option to give you a standing ovation in Blogger, because that's what I did just when I read your post! I can't believe You-know-who did that to you! Then again, must be like my post-comp photo shoot, where I had ideas in my head for the kind of photos I wanted taken (took me a lot of work to get looking like that!), but was asked to "do a favour", because she "really needed some pics for an exercise article for the mag"... It's been over 18 months and my pics have NEVER been used! Maybe I wasn't looking my best that day... I know one thing, this year I won't be wasting my post-comp photo opportunity on a "promise" of being in a fitness mag! ;-) x

LizN said...

That's a real shame because I think you looked beautiful in your photos.. apparently I'm pretty much out of it in


Frankie said...

Shit Liz I had no idea you'd gone through that much bullshit. Glad you were able to get it out now and talk about it though. PS: I thought then and I think now you looked awesome in that photo xxx

LizN said...

Thanks Frankie - thanks also for the comments about the pyramid selling of Juice Plus. I just find that sort of shit a bit leery for my liking. Hope that cat is feeling better!

Kitty said...

Dear Guru Liz,

Most haters are fat and jealous. At least, mine are.

I throw donuts at them.

Love Kitty

Anonymous said...

Good for you Liz!

I fucking hate these "plastic fantastic" freaks who preach organic this and organic that and then get every FAKE or synthetic surgery/assistance available.

Seriously have some fucking credibility bitches!

Always ready to slag off people with real challenges to juggle in regards to health and fitness, i.e. A LIFE!

Selfish, self-obsessed and seriously deluded are just a few descriptions that come to mind.

As for the "beautiful people" requirements,I would like to know who judges this? Ugliness is all I can see.

The cherub and I have got your back ;)

LizN said...

Thanks Kitty, you know I thought of you and all your haters. Rock on and keep doing what you do best and making me laugh.

Thank you Miss Rene - life is so much better when you're real

BAck atcha,
Liz )

Donna said...

Hi Liz
Shit what a terrible thing to have happened to you, that's so wrong!! Oh well there lose and your gain!!!
keep that head up high!!!

ss2306 said...

You already know my comment but I'll put it here for everyone else to see.

"DUMB CUNT" is all I got to say.

Someone wise once told me "dickheads are self-evident".

Nicole said...

Great post Liz - and I second everything that Rene says!! She has summed it up beautifully!! Nicole xx

Michelle said...

Hey Liz. I have to admit that I am stunned to hear how poorly you have been treated. Just know that for every hater you have a shitload of people who love you! BTW You looked awesome in that pic.

LizN said...

Thanks Donna :)

Shel, I once read in "Ralph" magazine (shh don't tell anyone) that "the word" should be saved for special occasions - this being one of them! Love ya!
Nicole, so glad you're back - I've missed ya!
Michelle, yeah - a really unfortunate error of judgment on my behalf, but I feel so much better now for having shared what's been bothering me for so many months. Thanks for the support.

Sam D-M said...

Hey Liz, have no idea who your talking about, perhaps it is because i dont go on facebook enough or perhaps i am just not friends with this person, either way I am impressed with your courage to post it and dont really need to know!

I find you a wonderful roll model and cant believe you where treated the way you where. Very disappointing.

Hate to spread rumors but I hear there is going to an awesome mag in production by the end of the year filling the gaps in content of current mags out there;)

LJ said...

Umm wow, what a horrible post but then it doesn't surprise me.

All the you know whats and you know who's blah blah.

I'm sure you wont publish this or it will be deleted, but, I won't really care.

As for the sheep at the top of the page? She goes where she thinks she'll be pampered and spoiled like a princess.

Disgusting personal attack on someone that could have been done in private unless you were trying to make it a popularity contest.

LizN said...

Thanks Sam?

Dead on, LJ, what happened to me was horrible all right. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

LJ said...

I've got lots of stones to cast, but truly, none of you are worth it. Especially the coward who talks about people behind their back and can't admit it to their faces.


I'm not concerned about what happened to you Liz, you probably deserved it.

LizN said...

You're such a charmer LJ :)