Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Spinning Those Wheels!

I am sitting here thanking the good Lord for my excellent ability to be able to recover from repeated sessions of torture - that is teaching THREE RPM classes in the last 24 hours. I had a lovely hot shower afterwards and enjoyed the chocolate bar that Shelley gave me as part of her Christmas present to me yesterday - tasted just as good on the inside as it looked on the outside. I also shouted myself Phuc Viet before tackling the crowds at Woollies doing final preparations for Christmas. I am lucky in that Christmas lunch this year is at my sister-in-law's place - so all I have to contribute is a salad, bread rolls and some chocolate - hardly any cooking required at all.

Now going to wrap presents with the girls - Miss G buying her Dad some "Toffee Caramel Biscuits" from Woolies because "Dad likes caramel" - so sweet - I, meanwhile, had been trying to convince her of how much Dad would like Lindor balls but she wasn't buying - so in went the $1.99 bikkies instead!

We're going up to Mass and Carols at our local church tonight - we're wondering what this year's one will be like as last year they did this role play about this Russian girl who got killed on Christmas Day during the First World War -that one went down like the proverbial lead balloon...shocker.

I'm not usually one to mention religion on my blog but I'm interested in how and why everyone believes what they do, I find that often the kindest and most giving people aren't of any fixed religious beliefs as one example. I have also found that the basic message (or Greatest Commandment - Love One Another As I Have Loved You) has been muddied by humanity - just within our local Catholic Church, I feel that it is run by power hungry opportunists and that there is absolutely no hint of anyone loving anyone else. To me, religion expresses how you "think, move and have your being" - how you live your life on a day to day basis, it's the small things, the small gestures which are so important in creating that momentum that makes the world a better place.

Wow, that was deep! Better return to our regularly scheduled training and nutrition updates. I'm really looking forward to two days of rest before coming back and teaching Hi Performance on Saturday - what we all tend to forget is that rest and recovery is just as important as the kick butt training.

Hope everyone has a peaceful and joyous Christmas and that Santa brings you lots of presents.


Hilary said...

Woah - 3 RPM classes in 24 hours is massive!! Hope you enjoy those 2 days of rest and recovery!

Best wishes for a fantastic Christmas and New Year Liz, hope 2009 is a good one!

Hilary xx

Yann & Leanne said...

Merry Christmas Liz, Hope you and your family have a Wonderful chrissy & New Year!

SeLiNa said...

What the?! A christmas play with that theme, I'd be scared! ;P
You are THE RPM Queen!! Lucky you love it huh!!! ;)
Have an awesome day with your family tomorrow. Let's see who can blog the biggest spike on boxing day! LOL!!!


Kek said...

Merry Christmas to you, Coach! I hope you have a wonderful day. :o)

Kristy said...

Merry Xmas Liz, I like the saying treat everyone as I like to be treated, but not sure if that came from religion.

I am from the Uniting group (but don't attend reguarly) and also find it very interesting... My neighbour is a mormon and trying to convert me, (no pressure though), we get on really well and the best neighbour I have ever had. Very caring and happy to go out of her way for you...

Have a fantastic xmas Liz :)

Charlene said...

Merry Christmas Liz, and all the best to you and your family for 2009 :)


Java said...

I absolutely agree with you on the religion thing. Merry X-mas Liz and family.