Friday, December 26, 2008


Had a very enjoyable Christmas Day and ate, drank and was very Merry! The peeps at Precision Nutrition would call it a "refeed day", I simply call it Christmas cheer - and yes, the cheesecake was delicious! Got on the scales this morning and had a 2.5kg increase - yipes - luckily I know it's just carbs and water!

Santa and the family were very kind to me - I got some great loot - an IPod from Hubs, earrings from Miss S and a teapot from Miss G as well as money from both my parents and inlaws. This morning, I hit the road on my new road bike (thanks Amanda) and discovered that there is hardly any transference from RPM to the road and as everywhere around our place is hilly, it was quite a challenge! Then I went to the gym (yes, open on Boxing Day) and did a run and some back training (50 mins total). Came home and watched the beginning of the Sydney to Hobart with Hubs and now think it may be time for a little kip.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and all are enjoying a bit of R and R.


Lia Halsall said...

You cleaned up xmas day Liz. Would love to see a pic of you on your new bike, pwetty pwease.

I hit the gym on both xmas and boxing day. Gold star for Lia!

Lia xxx
Eat Clean, Drink Water, Train Hard & Love Life! :o)

Java said...

I also think I read it once, what's the real deal, the body stores water to use carbs or something like that?
Hey Liz do you recommend the eating of carbs for weight loss,even in small amounts? Isn't carbs suppose to be your energy food, I'm getting quiet confused with it all.

Lucky Christmas girl, will you post a pic of your bike, is it a road bike, I have a mountain bike but want a road bike too. LOL Been talking to some bike people but they are quite pricey hey.