Monday, December 22, 2008

Just love showing off my clients!

Here is the gorgeous Selina looking gorgeous and fit with a great pair of RPM legs going on - check out that right quad! We've been working together for quite a few months and transforming from endurance runner (which I may add, she's pretty darn good at) to bringing back the strength training and watching those muscles pop out everywhere....wahoo! I love photos, especially when they're of everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Ripped out a good running session this morning - did the "Tredder Shredder" run that many clients would have received this week. That is one sick little puppy by the 10th interval! I also got in a really good back and shoulder workout, the highlight of the day being that I used 4kg for lateral raises - it was only a few weeks ago that I was lamenting to Shelley that I could barely lift the piss-ant 1kg dumbbells. I also did some decline push ups off the step with a plate on my back - 3 sets of 10. I am strong, hear me roar!!! This may not be the case tomorrow after I do my final 6-12-25 leg workout - I've been following Lisa in her 6-12-25 journey and as I mentioned previously we're staking out a piece of floor at Fitness First to call our own near the squat rack! The thought of actually doing this workout makes me feel sick, but in order to change anything, you do actually need to have some "fear" inside you before you start your training session. If you're feeling completely comfortable, time to up the ante somewhat!


ss2306 said...

4 kg lat raises - woohoo!

Decline pushups WITH a plate - wholly shit strongwoman!

I'm shitting bricks at the thought of a HIIT session tomorrow morning - that would be classed as fear.

Looking forward to you blasting my back and trashing my triceps tomorrow at 9.

All I can say is "good luck" with your leg workout. Hope I can hear you scream from my side of town - hehehe.

Andrea said...

selina does look awesome doesn't she! I think I will be signing you up to whip me back into shape post bubs Liz! I just need me a good goal at some point in the future!

SeLiNa said...

Oh.My.God. I visited your blog as usual to see what knowledge I would be empowered with tonight - and there's my mug staring back at me. With a LINK to my horribly embarassing photos!!!!!!!! LOL!!
You're in sooo much trouble!!!
But thanks I am flattered to star in your blog ;)

MTB Girl said...

Whoot woo! Selina's looking great!

Kristy said...

Selina sure does look fantastic.