Thursday, February 12, 2009

Laughing in the face of danger

I'm finally back - what a week it has been!

Firstly my test results came back negative for Ross River and Barmah Forest (sounds spooky!) virus but found out that my iron levels are at big fat zero, so I'm now taking iron tablets to treat the resulting anaemia - it's amazing, here I was at zero and still belting out some pretty intense classes - the power of the mind and what you believe are critical to your success. I am about to do a Teleconference on "The Secret" and basic "Law of Attraction" if you think you can, you probably can!

However, I'm not completely out of the woods with this thing. The swelling has gone down but it looks as if I may be off to a specialist next week for further investigations. I've been given two weeks off work, so I am currently negotiating with the powers that be about contract suspension.

The "laughing" part of this post refers to what the scale is doing. On Wednesday morning I was a tidy 58.5kg. By Saturday I was weighing in at 64kg with no dietary changes (I would call this the mother of all fluid spikes). If I hadn't known any better, I would have been fretting about the scale doing my head in, but when you are logging your food (decided that being accurate was the best defence) and drinking lots of water, you know that you can safely jump on and have a good old cackle at the number that is reflected back at you. By yesterday I was finding the whole fluid retention thing a bit tiresome, but finger swelling dropped right back and I've just nudged under 60kg again. Further proof that whilst the scale is useful, you need to back it up with other tools!

Hopefully, this whole episode has been nothing serious and has given me a bit of a laugh!


Java said...

I just had to pop over today to see how you are going. So glad the first few tests came back negative, phew, that must be a relief. Amazing how your iron was 0, wow that takes guts Liz!! I'm always bordering on it too and almost wasn't allowed to donate blood the other day due to low levels but when they took a vein sample instead of fingerprick it jumped up again to 34 I think if I remember correctly, has to be 30 and my first one was 16.

I'm so amazed at the scales and how you are relaxed about it, I weighed myself 3X's this morning and each time I was 500g more than the previous one, what the?? Maybe I need a new battery.

Great to always learn something new from your posts.
Have a good rest, I wish you well.

Splice said...

Reading this makes me think that I should get a blood test taken to check on everything as it's been years since i've done this.
Iron levels being that low and still taking classes blows me away.
Keep us up to date with everything.
Deb xxx

Maryanne said...

Hope you start to feel better real soon. Lets hope the specialist results are not too bad like the GP results.

Thinking of you and sending hugs.

Maryanne xxx

ss2306 said...

Good on you Simba!

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else I'm popping over to see how doing. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but I'll cross everything in hope that you'll be okay Liz. xxx

MTB Girl said...

Hi Liz

I'm thinking of you and hoping you're recovering and get this all sorted out soon.

Take care