Monday, March 01, 2010

Greed Aint so Good

I've been hip deep in boxes today and contemplating my poo flinging activities and have come to the realization that I'm not alone in my distaste of the marketing of Juice Plus or supplements pertaining to the fitness/weight loss industry. There are disillusioned JuicePlus customers and others out there that are so unimpressed with the whole sham that they've set up a dedicated blog. It's called . Suggest that if you want to find out more about the product you check out this link and then make up your mind.

I've been thinking about why the marketing of such supplements irritates me and it really touches on the fact that such companies and people are exploiting the fact that many people are searching for hope, especially when it comes to their health, weight control and overall vitality. If it were as simple as "eat less and exercise more", nobody would ever have a problem with their weight for a start.

Yet, the health and fitness industry, which should be aimed at improving the consumer's quality of life is driven by blatant greed, misrepresentation and false illusion. It seems that any opportunity to self promote and make money is way more important than really helping anyone.

Examples of such exploitation include Terry White Chemist's Tony Ferguson Program. In fact, I disagree so vehemently with the principles of it that I refuse to work in a Terry White Pharmacy. The same goes for the smaller pharmacy meal replacement programs - if I've ever been asked, my ethics have always won - I explain how these programs work and the pros and the cons and then let the consumer choice - but it is really buyer beware. I'm proud to have talked many would be customers out of the diet shake merry go round towards more fruit and vegetables and lean protein.

The unfortunate thing is that there are certain supplements out there that can be really beneficial for all sorts of health conditions. The difficulty is in being able to find reliable information without bias. It's worth looking for a health professional that has no bias towards a supplement company. It's similar to finding an independent financial advisor who does not receive commissions for selling certain financial products.

I'm going to be splitting this blog into two shortly - one to share personal anecdotes and the second one to provide reliable health and fitness info without bias - and to fling poo with a slingshot where indicated.


Em said...

Hi Liz

thanks so much for the link to the Juice plus blog. It is all very interesting.
I agree Tony Ferguson, Cohens anything that doesn't teach you moderation, fresh vegies, fresh food and exercise is so wrong.
I am also sorry to see that LJ abused you again and Flea. Terrible behaviour there.
I will be gladly reading your informative blog/s. So I thank you once again. Cheers. Em

LizN said...

Thanks Em. I really want to highlight that it just isn't Juice Plus that I find crazy - the Tony Ferguson stuff makes me embarrassed for my profession. And I think if you're going to try and market something, consider the implications of how you go about it.

Liz N

Chelle said...

Hey Liz,

as someone whom reps for a natural health company (Thompsons, Eagle and Mediherb are just a few of the brands i represent, we pride ourselves on research and quality products) i am also disgusted by some of the products that are sold willy nilly in the industry. The lemon detox diet being one of them! What also gets me going is the nasty formulations (esp thermogenics) that 'sport supplement' companies are bastardizing. Taken by a person with underlying conditions, these products could be be fatal. The sad thing is people are too trusting of mass media. Anything that even suggests 'weight-loss'or a 'quick fix' are bound to be an instant seller, no matter how damaging they may be. There definitely needs to be more regulation in the industry.

I love reading your blog, you say it how it is, no bullshit! =)

LizN said...

Hey Chelle,
I know you rep and for a very reputable firm I may add, so I really value your input into this discussion. I also know you've had your own stresses so thanks for dropping in with your take. Couldn't agree more.

Liz N

Flea said...

I'm looking fw to your new two blogs Liz!
Thx Em for your comment re the abuse/bullying from LJ.

Flea X (hehe just incase) :-)

LizN said...

Thanks Flea. Nobody deserves such abuse simply for expressing their opinion.

Successfully Slim said...

I understand that most people are only thinking about getting the weight off when they sign up for Tony Ferguson or similiar (and they are taken advantage of because of it)...but surely people don't think they can go back to what they were eating before they took up shakes and keep the weight off? Sigh

TICYN said...

i love this poo fling...
I especially love the 3rd paragraph about instead of aiming at improving the consumers quality of life the industry is money hungry...Capitalism...
The sign of a good society is the level & number of things acknowledged to be beyond market value; healthcare, education, my credit report...
Need more like ya, God Bless!